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southern Croatia.

Pelješac is our eternal inspiration, and that’s why we can’t wait to introduce you to all the beauties of this beautiful peninsula and the surrounding areas of southern Croatia.

We are located in the center of Orebić, right next to the beach, and near the hotel are tourist attractions such as the Maritime Museum, the monastery Our Lady of the Angels and the popular Trstenica beach. If you are planning a tour of Korcula or another island, the ferry port is only 150 meters from the hotel. A beautiful promenade by the sea that stretches along the entire length of Orebić leads to it, as well as to the nearby bus station and taxi stand. The romantic promenade is adorned with beaches, cafes, souvenir shops, shops and other attractions that are within easy reach. You can go from point A to point B on foot, and that’s what makes this place so special to our guests.

The promenade by the sea, numerous secluded beaches and coves, vineyards and olive groves, the Ston saltworks, historic forts, a rich gastronomic offer and natural beauty are only part of the offer you can enjoy during your stay.

for lovers of active vacations

Hotel Crystal is a favorite destination for lovers of active vacations because they can enjoy long walks, hiking, diving, surfing and other activities. Fans of windsurfing should definitely visit Viganj, a paradise for surfers, and Zmijsko brdo and the magical peak of St. Ilija is a favorite destination for mountaineers all over the world.
Wine lovers will enjoy Pelješac, which has over 200 registered wine producers. The Pelješ winemakers deserve the title of the best producers of red wines in Croatia, and before leaving, don’t miss tasting Plavac Mali, Dingač and Postup. Stop by the nearby wineries in Potomje, Kuna, Trstenik, Donja Banda and enjoy tasting top quality wines and the Pelješac landscape.

Don’t miss visiting the island of Korčula and enjoying its sights and the Moreška-bajo Korčula knight dance. Be sure to put the Ston salt pan on the list, which is also the oldest salt pan in Europe, and find out why it is so special.

Upon request, we organize unforgettable gastronomic, wine and adventure tours where you will taste autochthonous Dalmatian delicacies and sips and meet top oenologists, local OPG producers and adventurers.
Our friendly staff will make sure to answer all your questions and help you plan a trip you’ll remember fondly! For all your questions and needs, we are here from 0 to 24!

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  • Maritime Museum (Orebić)
  • Franciscan monastery and church of Our Lady of the Angels (150 meters above sea level)
  • Walls and fortifications of Ston
  • Salana Ston
  • Viganj – paradise for surfers
  • Dubrovnik
  • The island of Korčula, the native island of the navigator Marco Polo
  • Look at the Moreška -knight dance
  • National park Mljet, Veliko and Malo jezero
    – the divine beaches of Pelješac (Divna, Jezero, Mokalo, Prapratno, Žuljana, Duba, Podobuće)
  • Accompanied by a guide ascent to the hill of St. Elijah

We are big food lovers, so we will introduce you to traditional food and tell you what you must try;

  • wines Plavac Mali, Dingač, Postup…
  • Dalmatian delicacies: rosata, khrustule, fritule…
  • shellfish delicacies: oysters, mussels, scallops…
  • downed fish (sea bream, sea bream, sea bream, grouper, carp…)
  • olive oil, Ston salt